4 & 5 Dec: Saltbox Hosting FREE Pre-Retirement Workshop

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The thought of getting old can be scary and like many of life’s changes it can be difficult to transition through. This is often made worse by issues such as a lack of money, a loss of job, ill health, starting to care for older relatives, moving house or even losing a loved one.

The Envisage Later Life Community Workshop,is a friendly, fun packed day that will give you the information and confidence you need to prepare for your future. It is run by Envisage and Saltbox.

It will cover the following:

  • exploring hopes and fear
  • what is later life?
  • friendships and social networks
  • money and finances
  • pensions and later life benefits
  • what makes your heart sing?
  • understanding wills
  • legal power of attorney
  • the value of later life planning
  • top 10 things to improve your health

Join us if you’re over 50 at City Central Library an Monday 4 and Tuesday 5th December

You will learn about the challenges of later life and explore how you can use your existing skills–or develop new ones–to remain positive, active and connected with friends and communities.

Lunch and refreshments are provided. The day starts at 9.30 am and finishes at 3pm on both days. Couples and single people welcome. If you are single please feel free to bring a friend along with you.


BOOK NOW:  tel: 07828 603 627  email: cliff@saltbox.org.uk  online: laterlieworkshops.eventbrite.co.uk

Dear Saltbox. Thank you for all you do in the city. Thank you for your faithfulness to your call. We pray God will keep increasing your influence in society.