Happy Nowruz! With Sanctus St Mark's

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Nowruz (pronounced nor-ruze) is "new day" in Persian and is ancient festival that marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the rebirth of nature. At Nowruz Iranian families gather around a ceremonial table known as the "haftseen", they hold hands and count down to the New Year together and cheer "Eide Shoma Mobarak" or Happy New Year. The festivitites continue for 13 days.

This traditional Nowruz Celebration, organised by Sanctus St Mark's, will feature a haftseen, a buffet of festive food, Iranian singing and dancing and a play about King Cyrus. Children are welcome and free craft activities will be provided for them.

The event is free of charge but you do need to book tickets. You can book your tickets on Eventbrite here.


Dear Saltbox. Thank you for all you do in the city. Thank you for your faithfulness to your call. We pray God will keep increasing your influence in society.