Harvest Blessing Event - Celebrating Harvest In Stoke

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Harvest Blessing Walk through Stoke 

On Wednesday 30th September, Saltbox linked with the churches of Stoke town to lead a Harvest Blessing walk, taking the Harvest celebration from churches into the community. 

Lloyd Cooke (CEO Saltbox) and Dan Chan (Asst. Pastor Penkhull Christian Fellowship) leading the walk

Local congregation members decorated wheelbarrows with themes of Harvest – including the harvests of flowers, fun, Fairtrade, harvest to share, the garden, the arts, the sea, science, the mind, refugees, the spirit and harvest under the ground – and gave out small chocolates to passers-by as a reminder that God’s provision and blessing is found in many areas of life.

Larger presentation boxes were given to the Lord Mayor, British Ceramics Biennial, Sainsbury’s and Oatcakes London Road to celebrate their contribution to the local economy. People responded really positively, happy to be able to celebrate Harvest in the flow of everyday life.


First stop was the British Ceramics Biennial, original Spode Factory

Dear Saltbox. Thank you for all you do in the city. Thank you for your faithfulness to your call. We pray God will keep increasing your influence in society.