Lend A Post For #AVeryBritishNativity

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Lend a post for #AVeryBritishNativity

This year, the Joint Public Issues Team of The Baptist Union of Great Britain, The Methodist Church, The United Reformed Church and The Church of Scotland are promoting awareness of the issues faced by refugees in the country by paralleling their experiences with those of Mary and Joseph.

In their words:

This year, JPIT have decided to give John Lewis a run for their money in the Christmas ad campaign stakes! At the beginning of December, we’ll be launching a short film called A Very British Nativity. It tries to imagine what sort of welcome Mary and Joseph would receive if they came to the UK, instead of Bethlehem, this year. It’s a funny film, but is ultimately designed to highlight the degrading treatment and experiences faced by asylum seekers in the UK - which is anything but amusing.



We obviously want as many people to see the film as possible, and so we’re asking you to pledge to support the launch of the film through a Thunderclap. By registering, you are agreeing to ‘donate’ a Tweet or a Facebook post from your account to the campaign. Once we have 100 people pledge their support, the Thunderclap will send out all the messages simultaneously on the same day.


So if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, please register your support of the campaign using the link below. In a couple of weeks we’ll be sending around a sneak preview of the film before its official launch, so that you can use it in your Churches and services in the run up to Christmas:


See our Thunderclap here

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