Musicians For Sunday Worship - St Mark's Church Shelton

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We are looking for competent musicians to volunteer to further improve and support our Sunday worship experience at St Mark’s church in Shelton. We currently wish to retain some of our traditional hymns and aspects of service but to increase the proportion of modern and gospel style music to enhance our worship.  Can you help?

KEYBOARDISTS/GUITARISTS: You can play chords. If you are self-taught/don’t read music, you know the names of most chords and you are able to move swiftly between basic major and minor chords in most keys. You are able to learn/pick up songs quickly. You are punctual and reliable.

PERCUSSIONISTS: As a drummer, you are able to keep a constant beat and you have some experience of playing rock/blues/gospel in a band setting. You own your own kit or have access to one, and can transport it. (A Cajon box player is most desirable!). You are punctual and reliable.

OTHER INSTRUMENTS: You have taken your grade 4 exam/or can at least play at that level in your instrument. You learn pieces quickly. You are punctual and reliable.

You may already be in a worship band at a church, but would like to share your musical gift with us from time to time. Please make sure that your own band is not disadvantaged with your absence and your minister is aware of this/supportive.

We are Ideally looking for a once a month commitment. (It may even be less than this depending on the number of volunteers and mix of instruments). Around five songs would be played during services. Current service times on Sundays are 9.30-10.30am, but may change to 10.00am in February 2016 on a trial basis.

If you are interested, please could you get in touch with Revd Sally via email, giving the following information: 1)Your name, 2) Contact number and address, 3) Instrument(s) you play, 4) Your level (eg. grade), 5) Whether you read music and/or play by ear,  6) If you  currently play in a band/recent experience, 7) Ideal days and times to  meet up during the week of 15th-19th  February  2016 (weather permitting),  to discuss this further and have a jam session!  We will get in touch with you early February 2016 to confirm a meeting date and time for interested volunteers.

Dear Saltbox. Thank you for all you do in the city. Thank you for your faithfulness to your call. We pray God will keep increasing your influence in society.