WEA Retro Sports Day

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WEA Retro Sports Day

WEA Dresden held an Age Friendly retro sports day in August at the Florence Colliery, attended by more than 50 people. Here, we talk to Janet Henson about what made the event so special and what plans they have for the future.


What inspired you to put on the event?

We wanted to encourage elders to take part in physical activity but in a fun way. So that's why we had a retro sports day. We thought it would be reminiscence of the old school days games and activities

Tell us more about what a retro sports day looks like.

Egg and spoon race, relay race, badminton, table tennis and table bowls/skittles, the fastest knitter and potato peeler(that was so we included everyone no matter what their ability cupboard because not everyone likes to be sporty). We were lucky enough to borrow skipping ropes from Belgrave St Bartholomew's primary school, which is across the road  also the YMCA, Hanley lent us Hula hoops. The European city of sport, Stoke-on-Trent brought along a bouncy Castle and their two team members were a great help.

Who came along?

We had over 50 community residents of Dresden and Florence areas. Most of them were over the age of 50. Some of them brought their grandchildren along for a bit of fun. Our local councillor Lillian Dodds helped promote the events and came along to give out prizes. The community champion at Tesco's Longton also gave us £20 gift card to put towards the food and refreshments and we were given complimentary swimming tickets as prizes from Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

What was the feedback that you got after the event?

We had Excellent feedback. We were very lucky because the sun was shining and we sat in ate fruit kebabs which had been made by the Dresden volunteers. Most of the community members wanted to know when we were doing the next one

Do you think you will do it again?

I think we would like to do it again, maybe get some more agencies involved and promote it's further

How was the process to get the funding?

The completion of the funding forms was straightforward and we couldn't have put on this event without the funding support from Saltbox and Ageing Well City. The venue hire was over £50, and to buy all the fruits and refreshments was expensive. We have brought some equipment that we can use and lend out to at other events.

We all had an amazing day, it was fun, friendly and everyone got something out of the event!


Dear Saltbox. Thank you for all you do in the city. Thank you for your faithfulness to your call. We pray God will keep increasing your influence in society.