How to refer a client to the CareLink service 

You can download the Referral Guide HERE

CareLink offers a free telephone befriending and monitoring service for adults:

·         Who are lonely and isolated

·         Who are aged 50 or over

·         Who are registered with a GP in the Stoke-on-Trent area

If a potential client does not fulfill all of these criteria we will not be able to accept them into our service.

In order to refer a client into the CareLink service a referral form must be FULLY COMPLETED before we can accept it. If there is any information missing we will get back in touch with you, which will inevitably cause a delay.

You can download the referral form by clicking HERE.

Once a referral has been accepted we will aim to:

·         Complete an Initial Phone Assessment (IPA) within 2 working days.

·         Begin telephone befriending calls immediately following the IPA. These will initially be up to 2 calls per week until an Initial Home Assessment (IHA) has been completed.

·         Complete an Initial Home Assessment (IHA) within 5 working days of the IPA.

·         Inform referrer of the outcome of the referral once a decision is made.

The referral form has been designed to be simple to complete – here are some guidance notes.

1. Client criteria

a. In order for a client to be accepted they must be

·   Lonely and isolated

·   50 or over

·   Registered with a GP in the Stoke-on-Trent area

·   Fulfill AT LEAST one of the 6 criteria in Section 1

2. Referrer Information

a. It is important that we can get back in touch with you if necessary so please let us know the best methods (and times if relevant)  to ensure effective partnership working

b. We will use these contact details if we need further information, to inform you of the outcome of the assessment process, to express any concerns about the client in the future (if appropriate).

3. Client Detail

a. Please make sure all information is accurate so that we can make contact with the client.

4. Next of Kin Details

Please include as many details as possible of someone who could act as an emergency contact.

5. Medical Matters

Please give as much detail as you can, including name, contact details and profession of any other agencies providing support.

6. Additional Information

a. Please ensure all relevant information is included which might affect our CareLink officers going out to do home visits.

b. If initial contact should be with someone other than the client please include reasons and details of who we should contact instead to arrange visits etc.

7. Any other information

a. Please include any information you think might help us make the assessment process as smooth as possible for client and staff.

8. Type of Residence

a. This information is helpful to inform any referrals we might make in the future.

If you would like to discuss a potential referral before making it or would like more details, please contact the CareLink team by either

Phone            01782 810320

Or email


Further Information

For further information please contact a member of our team:

Telephone 01782 810320 Ext 2